Android, Unreal Engine 4.17

Bonus items

Between each rounds bonus items can appear, there are 5 different

bonus items:

  • Increased bullet size

  • Increased shooting rate

  • Time slowed down

  • Double points

  • Spaceship repair


Currently there are 3 playable spaceships. They all share the same characteristics apart from the X shaped one. This one, heavily inspired from some random sci-fi film, will shoot from each one of its 4 guns in order. This changes the way the player has to aim with it.

To change spaceship simply tap the spaceship button on the main menu, arrows will appear letting you choose which spaceship to use.

Astro is a small solo project made using Unreal Engine 4.17. The goal was to create a polished mobile game in the shortest amount of time. In the end the project took me 4 days to finish, polish and publish. All assets were produced during the development of the game. 



The challenge in Astro comes from controls. By holding down on the screen and draging around, the player is able to control the spaceship and therefore its shooting.

If 3 asteroids go past the player's spaceship, it's a loss.


For every asteroid shot down, the player is awarded 1 points. The more game goes on, the more asteroids appears and the more points will be granted. 


Spaceships have 3 health points. Each asteroids that the player misses will cost 1 of these health points. The game will end when it hits 0. The health is represented by the spaceship's trail: Orange means 3HPs, Yellow 2HPs and Red 1HP. The only way to regain these HPs is by obtaining the Spaceship Repair bonus item.



Astro for Android (compatible from Android 4.4 and up) can be downloaded here:


If you encounter any issues or bug please let me know here or by e-mail at:

Last updated: March 2020
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