February 11, 2018

Me and 4 other game developpers took part in the Winter 18 #UE4Jam between the 8th of february and the 11th. The announced theme was: On thin ice. 


We wanted to go for a simple concept: the player has control over a tower equipped with a snowba...

January 29, 2018

From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th, me and 5 others game developers took part in the Global Game Jam 18. The theme was "Transmission".  


The player has control over a farm populated with Onions, Cats, and Octopuses. Clients will have a demand...

January 27, 2018

Fire&Ice is a very short game I made to conduct a small research on learning in games. I wanted to confront Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy (learning from knowledge) to David Kolb's Learning cycle (learning from experience) in the context of a game. This g...

January 26, 2018


One of the most important characteristics of video games is to always teach the player new mechanics and strategies. Although there are many different ways of achieving this, the most used one is to implement a tutorial. Tutorials let players...

January 16, 2018

A two days Game Jam was organised by Transfuzer 17 winner team Mochi Mode. The jam took place at the University of South Wales and ran from Tuesday 9am to Wednesday 6pm. The theme was "Protector". With a team of 2 artist and 2 in-engine developers we...

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