ColourMe Crazy

PC, Game Maker Studio 1.4

Colour Me Crazy is project I worked on in first year of Computer Games Design at the University of South Wales. The aim of the project was to produce a game using Game Maker Studio Pro 1.4 in roughly 3 months, as well as getting familiar with the engine and learning the process of developing a game. The idea was to make a multiplayer game that would be fun, competitive and at the same time unique. We decided to go for a game where both players play on one keyboard. That element adds to the fun and competitiveness of the game.

Colour Me Crazy is a 2 player game top down arcade shooter where players race against thier opponent(s) to cover as much surface of the map with their respective colour before the timer runs out. Players can also pick-up power-ups and shoot the other players to slow them down. This would be all about getting as much of the map coloured as possible.

Setting up a game:

Before starting a game the players have different options. They can choose between 4 different characters (they all behave the same), they can choose the longevity of each round between 30, 60, 120 or 300 seconds and finally they have the choice in the number of round to be played: 1,3 or 5. No matter what settings are taken there will always be only one winner. There are 4 different maps to be played each one having different ways of being played.



Both players will start on one side of the map. They have to cover as much surface as possible with their colour. The colour gets spread when the players walks. The score of each player is displayed a the top of the screen as well as the time left and the active power ups.


As the match progresses random power-ups can appear on the map that can be collected to give the player an advantage over their opponent:

- Increased Movement Speed (Core) – Speeds up the player’s movement for a short duration of time      allowing them to cover more of the map with their colour or avoid opponent’s bullets.

-Shield/Invisibility (Core) – Makes the player immune to any damage or power-ups for a short period of  time.

-Automatic Gun (Additional) – Increases the firing speed of the gun for a short period of time.

Main Title
Main Title

This picture shows how the game plays. Each player is controlling a character using the same keyboard.

These are the four playable levels.

Main Title
Main Title


The game can be downloaded here: ColourMeCrazy 0.9 . All you'll need is one keyboard!