ColourMe Crazy

PC, Game Maker Studio 1.4

Main Title
Main Title

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This picture shows how the game plays. Each player is controlling a character using the same keyboard.

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These are the four playable levels.

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Main Title
Main Title

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It's worth noting that the game was coded using GML for practical reasons. During the development of the game my work consisted in: 


 - Character movements and controls.

 - Power ups (Speed, Shield, Auto-gun).

 - Scoring system (Based on how much of the map is covered by your paint).

 - Shooting mechanic and its effect.

User interface:

 -Designed main menu and sub-menus.

 - Menu functionalities (options, character selection menu with game options and map selection menu)

 - Animations for the background and buttons.

 - Put together the end level menu with score and/or "Next round menu".

 - Designed and programmed the in-game user interface (top of the screen).

Level design:

 - Put together 2 of the maps using game maker's tile system.

 - Re-arrange certain parts to fix certain collision bugs.


 - Sprites for power ups

 - Sound effects for power ups and gun actions