Infinity Line

PC, Android, Unreal Engine 4.13

Infinity Line is a really simple infinite runner made using Unreal Engine. Myu goal with this project was to learn how to make a mobile game and how to implement Google Play Services to it in Unreal Engine. 


The player has to jump from white lines, to white lines without falling on the grey background. The game is made of a lane system on which the white lines come down. There are 3 or 4 lanes (depending on the game mode) on which the player can go. The longer he stays on a white line the more points he will gather.


Every time the character jumps, not only the character moves to the pressed lane, but the character will also jump forward (towards the top of the screen). The higher the player goes, the higher his score multiplier will be (this mechanics isn't in classic mode).

Moreover depending on how well the player is doing, bonus lines will spawn:

- Green line: Double the multiplier

- Red line: Negate the multiplier

- Blue line: Makes the player slide downards


The controls are relatively simple, to switch lane the player needs to press on one a lane to move his character on it.

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

Character customization:

The player can choose the character's colors by using the color sliders in the character customization menu. A range of running animation are available to purchase using coins (which are earned by playing).

Google integration and coin system:

The game contains ads, in-app purchases, leaderboards and achievements using on Googe Play Services.

Ads can be removed by paying 500 coins or 0.59€. 

Coins can be purchased: 0.59€ for 100 coins, 0.99€ for 200 coins and 1.49€ for 500.

Coins are earned by playing, every time you score 1000 points you earn 1 coin.

Infinity Line for Android (compatible from Android 4.4 and up) can be downloaded here:


If you encounter any issues or bug please let me know here or by e-mail at: