Medieval Town

Asset pack (FBX+Textures)

This asset pack was made during my second year in Computer Games Design at the University of South Wales. Every model was made using 3DS Max, 3D Coat and Photoshop then imported in Unreal Engine. We were asked to produce an asset pack contaning basic models for the building of scene(Door, walls, window, and crate). I decided to go for a medieval town. I also modeled several objects to add more life to the scene.

The following video showcase the scene I made using the assets.

The asset pack contains the following models with their textures:


- 3 different types of wall mounted signs

- Wall lamp

- Market stand

- Crate

- Wooden plow

- Wooden beams


- 3 different type of floor tiles (256x256)

- 2 Different types of windows

- Door

- 12 different types of 256x256 walls

- 12 different types of 512x256 walls

- 3 pieces roof pack

- Balcony (to use with a wall or windows and a roof)

The pack is available to download: Here.

Asset Pack
Asset Pack - Extras
Asset Pack - Walls
Asset Pack - Extras 2
Asset Pack - Door and Windows