PC, Android, Unreal Engine 4.13

The playthrough was recorded on an older version of the game (0.4). Few modifications have been made on the UI, swipe detection and several bugs.

Planetscape is a game that I put together in a week. I basically wanted to see what I would be able to make in that period of time. The idea was to make a game where the player is able to explore different planets to collect as much resources as possible and at the same time by managing the spaceship's fuel. Different planet would affect his exploration around the planet and have different amount of resources available. It plays like an infinite runner where the aim is to have the biggest score possible. The game was made using Unreal Engine 4.16 and is aimed to be played on PC aswell as touchscreen devices.

At the start of the game the player will be presented a planet and a user interface giving him information on the type of planet it is. The UI will display the name of the planet, it's type (Terrestrial, Ice or Hot planet), the amount of resources available on the planet and the cost in resources of staying on that planet. The player's goal is to gather as much resources as possible by rotating around the planet and clicking or touching the resources that appear on the planet to extract them. 

The different types of planets:

- Terrestrial: those planets have a normal amount of resources, they don't have any impact on the player's control and cost a average amount to stay on and launch from.

- Ice: these planets planets have a low amount of resources, slow down the player's controls, don't much to stay on on but cost more to launch from.

- Hot: these planets have a high amount of resources, increase the controls speed, cost a lot to say on and average amount to land off from.

Travelling from planets to planets

The player can take off a planet at any point as long as there is enough fuel in the spaceship (the amount is specified and changes depending on the type of planet the spaceship is). The spaceship's fuel is different from the resources gathered on the planet it self but only the spaceship's decreases over time. However once the spaceship launched in space the gathered resources get converted into fuel. The player has then to make sure he has enough fuel to take off while he is gathering resources.

If the player does not have enough fuel to take off, the gathered resources can be used but at a higher cost depending on the type of planet. In the eventuality that the player does not have enough gathered resources, it is game over and the player will have to start over. 

High scores and stats:

The player's 4 best games will be saved locally. Thses scores can be accessed from the main menu and will be organised per game. A range of statistics will also be available (fuel missed, duration of the game, numbers of planet explored etc...).

Planetscape for PC can be downloaded here:

7 days version:

Latest version: Planetscape

See changelog here.

Planetscape is available on Android through Google Play Store (Android 4.4 and up):

If you encounter any issues or bug please let me know here or by e-mail at:

Last updated: February 2021
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