Prisonners of Chillon

Prisoners of Chillon is a dungeon crawler board game that focuses on randomly generated tiles. You and your friends play as prisoners whose sole goal is to escape the prison, avoid guards and possibly other players, only time will tell. Do you have what it takes to survive and escape?

The game is set in the dungeons of the Chateau de Chillon (theme imposed by the project's criterias). You play as members of a family who needs to escape the dungeons by finding your way to the key and then to the exit.

Team up with other players or explore alone, the key is not the only objective to win.

Prisonner of Chillon is a 4 player game, with games lasting anywhere between 30 mins to 1h depending on how cruel players are between each other.

After Lunch - 1975
After Lunch - 1975

This is what we had to base our game on. The main link with our game is the castle painting which is the Chateau de Chillon.

The main board where tiles are placed. Our board and tiles have magnetic tape so that tiles don't slide off easily.

Playing Cards
Playing Cards

These cards can be picked up while playing. They help players slow down others players or get to their objectives faster.

After Lunch - 1975
After Lunch - 1975

This is what we had to base our game on. The main link with our game is the castle painting which is the Chateau de Chillon.




The game starts with all characters in their cells on the starting tile.


Each round the players roll a dice which defines the amount of Action Points they have for the turn. Action Points lets you move spaces (-1 AP per space), place a tile (-3 AP per tile), draw an attack card (-1 AP once per turn) and use an attack card (cost in AP is written on the cards).

The goal for every players is to find the key and move to the exit door to win the game. Alternatively, if a player found some lockpicks he can try his luck at opening the exit door.


Different types of tiles


  • Cells: Starting Tile

  • Exit door: Ending tile

  • Chest room: Where the key is.

  • Question mark tile: if you land on this tile, draw a “?” card.

  • Trap tile: Miss a turn + a guard spawn next you forcing you to move next turn.

  • Chest: if you land on a chest, draw a chest card. You have a chance to loot lockpicks (which let you open the exit door by rolling 4 or higher), nothing or an attack card.




A guard appears when the Key is taken from the chest room or when a player step on a trap tile.


Guard(s) movement: They move tile by tile towards the nearest player. If the distance is the same between 2 players, the player with the key has priority aggro, if neither player’s do not have anything of value (Key/Lock picks) the player controlling the guard chooses who it moves towards.. The guards are moved by the player who spawns them in after each of their turn.

When a guard reaches the tile you’re on, he returns you back to your cell while the items you have gathered are returned to their original location.




You can steal the key or lock picks from other players by landing on the same space as them. When trying to mug someone both players roll the dice, the player with the higher number roll wins. If the mugger wins he gets the key & lock picks, if the victim wins they keep their belongings and the mugger is knocked out and misses their next turn.


Weapons give +2 on on top of what you roll during player battles (Mugging)