#UE4Jam Winter 18 - PenguInvasion

February 11, 2018

Me and 4 other game developpers took part in the Winter 18 #UE4Jam between the 8th of february and the 11th. The announced theme was: On thin ice. 



We wanted to go for a simple concept: the player has control over a tower equipped with a snowball shooting gatlin gun. He needs to survives to waves of evil robot penguin trying to destroy the tower. The turret can only be rotated 90° at the time which will make his survival trickier. 




Final Product

My role mainly consisted in programming the AI as well as helping with the gun's control. Additionally I modelled some asset rocks and helped put together some of the materials.


We got the mechanics pinned down pretty earlier which let us focus more on the aesthetics and feeling of the game. We pretty much ended up with the game we had in mind. We decided to go for a wave based system rather than infinite spawning as it let us scale difficulty by balancing several variables. 


The game can be downloaded here: 





The Team

Samuel Swindley - 3D Artist, Tech Art

Kai Harper - UI Design

Daniel McKenzie - Level Designer

Peter Tyson - Programmer, Animator

Samuel Metters - Programmer, Tech Art



Screenshots and video




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