Fire&Ice - Learning in games

Fire&Ice is a very short game I made to conduct a small research on learning in games. I wanted to confront Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy (learning from knowledge) to David Kolb's Learning cycle (learning from experience) in the context of a game. This game was made to compare the performance of players playing with a tutorial to those playing without one. You can access the methodology and results here: Learning Practices in Video Games.


In terms of mechanics Fire&Ice is relatively simple: absorb elements, shoot elements. Elements being either fire or ice. Fire melts ice and burns wood, Ice puts off fire. I did add an extra mechanics that consisted of using a lever to open gates, I assumed it was simple enough to be added and gave one more mechanics to work with during the design of the levels.

Level Design

I made 5 levels that succeed each other in order of difficulty. The first three levels gradually introduce new mechanics while the last two are purely for challenge. The following pictures are top down views of each level with their main features. A playthrough video is also available at the bottom of this page. All 3D assets are from a Synty Studios asset pack.


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