Spaceship interior

Asset pack (FBX+Textures)

This asset pack was made during my second year in Computer Games Design at the University of South Wales. Every model was made using 3DS Max, 3D Coat and Photoshop then imported in Unreal Engine. We worked in groups, and each individuals had to make its own level using its own asset. The end goal was to make a game out of all levels.

The game I was working on is called Terra Nova. It set in a future where space travelling has become a common thing. The main protagonist has been cryogenized in a space shuttle (public transport) to travel to a distant system. The game starts as the character gets out of his cryogenic tube after the spaceship ran out of power. The goal is to learn what happened and escape the spaceship by making a way to the escape pod.


The playthrough below showcases all the assets in the game's context. 

The asset pack contains the following models with their textures:


- Book

- Glass

- Locker with screens (2 pieces)

- Crate (2 pieces)

- Power Node with Power socket

- Command desk

- Control desk and its ID Card

- 2 different type of screens

- 2 pipes part

- Big pod door and handle


- Floor (256x256)

- Door in 3 pieces (Frame,Top and Bottom part) (512x256)

- Wall (256x256)

- Wall with window (512x256)

- Wall with screen (512x256)

- Big pod docking wall with screen (1024x256)

The pack is available to download: Here.

My development slides are available: Here.