Android, Unreal Engine 4.17

TapTime is a very simple, one-tap game. It's a solo project made using Unreal Engine 4.17, with the goal of making a Android game with Google Play Services. I worked on it for around 2 weeks, and managed to implement all the features I wanted to work on.



The rules are simple, tap to speed up tiime, hold to slow it down. Changing time's flow will change your speed making you go slower or faster.

Don't touch the rotating shapes to stay alive and score points. 


The more you score the more points you earn. The game has several scoring levels (Score 10: +1 point - Score 30: +2 points - Score 60: +3 points - Score 100: +4 points - Score 150: +5 points - Score 210: +6 points - Score 280: +7 points - Score 360: +8 points - Score 450: +9 points - Score 550:+10 points).

In addition to that bonus points a awareded if the player takes risk. Flying very close to one of the shapes will grant 3 points. The maximum amount of bonus points is 3 per shape.


You score is uploaded on google play's leaderboard to compare with other player aswell as being saved on your device. Getting a score higher than a 1000 points will let you disable the in app ads.


Infinity Line for Android (compatible from Android 4.4 and up) can be downloaded here:


If you encounter any issues or bug please let me know here or by e-mail at: samuelmetters@gmail.com.

Last updated: March 2020
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