Terms of use

Updated on: 6/01/2018


Google Play Store Apps

I do not collect any information via my applications. The only data I have access to is made available to me through Google Dev website and is limited. The followings are the information I can access:

- How many installs/uninstalls

- How many visits on the Play Store page

- Android version

- Phone brand if recognised by Google

- Numbers of crashes

- Country of origin

No personal data is collected for my use through Google Services.

Wix website and Analytics

I do collect very little information via my website. I collect data via VisitorAnalytics(C) which gather data I do not intend to sell nor monetise. This website uses cookies to monitor browsing preferences. If you do allow cookies to be used, the following personal information may be stored by third parties: 

- How many visits on specifics pages

- OS and Browser used

- Numbers of clicks and rebounds

- Country of origin

- IP address

No additional data is gather for my use through analytics technologies. 


Google Play Store Apps

Apps and games I provide may be under Copyright protection. All software will have an "About" section if it uses content under licence of if it is itself protected. Be aware Google Services may apply protection against any unintended uses, copyright infringement and/or clones and plagiarism.

Wix website and Analytics

All assets used on the website are either under licence by Wix and partners or under CC Creative Commons licence. For any specific details, you can contact me at: samuel.metters@gmail.com.


Google Play Store Apps

Every paid services I provide on the Google Play Store is only available and payable through Google Services. I will never personally ask you for your payment details nor will I give you free access to paid services outside Google's infrastructure. I never get access to any of your banking details.

Other services

As of January of 2017, I do not provide any paid services outside the ones mentioned above.

For any further information, you can contact me at: samuel.metters@gmail.com