Time Clock is a Unreal Engine plugin that allows you to track how much time you've spent working on a project as well as set alarms in-editor.


Editor interface

The Time Clock interface can be opened from any project that has the plugin enabled. From it you will be able to access the stats for the project that you have open, but also other project that had Time Clock enabled. 


Stats can be accessed regardless of the Unreal Engine version you are using.




You can also set alarms with customisable label to remind yourself of just about anything. When triggered, alarms will send a in-editor notification.

Alarms are project specific but can be easily transferable to other project by using the Project Settings Import/Export function.

Blueprints & C++

A majority of Time Clock's logic was implemented in C++ which makes it easily transferable across Engine versions. It's core functionalities were also exposed to blueprints which allows anyone to mock up their own interface for Time Clock.